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Snore 3

Snore 3 first non surgical anti snoring unit

Welcome to the new world of a pain free and simple snoring treatment.
Giving your patients no downtime and the ability to be snore free for up to 2 years.


Snore3 is set to revolutionise the treatment of snoring in millions of patients worldwide by using a patented treatment that can only be done using the Snore3 unit from Elexxion AG.


The treatment is carried using a high powered 810nm laser in a non contact method. As the treatment area is the patients soft palate, it means this procedure can be carried out by both a fully trained Dentist or ENT Specialist.


After a full assessment (covered in the Snore3 training) a suitable patient can be treated in just
3 x 20 min procedures which will leave them snore free for 2 years.


A clinic providing Snore3 treatments will cover the cost of training and equipment in as little as 110 patients, based on 1 unit and training for 4 clinical staff.


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