Laser-Lok 3.0

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Laser-Lok 3.0

Laser-Lok 3.0


  • Two-piece 3mm design offers restorative flexibility in narrow spaces.e
  • 3mm threadform shown to be effective when immediately loaded.
  • Implant design is 17-40% stronger than competitor 3.0 implants when loaded.
  • Laser-Lok microchannels create a physical connective tissue attachment.

BioHorizons is the only company that can claim (FDA-cleared) that its implant surface establishes a physical connective tissue attachment.

This tissue connection is functionally oriented, inhibits epithelial cell downgrowth and enables crestal bone adjacent to the implant to attach and be retained.



Laser-Lok 3.0 Implants

Body Diameter 3.0mm
Apical Diameter 2.0mm
Laser-Lok Zone Height 2.1mm
Minimum Ridge Width 5.0mm
Minimum Mesial / Distal Space 6.0mm
Laser-Lok 3.0 Implants

Anatomically tapered body and proprietary buttress threads for compressive bone loading and excellent primary stability.

Includes the instrumentation required to place: Tapered Plus,Tapered 3.0, Tapered Tissue Level, Laser-Lok 3.0 & Tapered Internal including the 3.4mm diameter and 18mm lengths.


  • includes Tapered HD instruments
  • versatile, removable, hinged lid
  • 40% smaller and 40% lighter than other kits
  • easy to disassemble for cleaning
  • implant staging area for implant vials during surgery
  • use to place Tapered Plus, Tapered Internal, Tapered Tissue Level, Tapered 3.0 and Laser-Lok 3.0
  • empty spare slots for other instrumentation such as stop drills or extended shank drills

The Tapered HD instruments feature highly efficient, fully anodized cutting flutes for crisp osteotomies in even the densest bone. The guaranteed corrosion-free surface is non-reflective under bright operatory lights. The simplified markings correspond to the six Tapered Internal family implant lengths.

  • cutting flutes designed for maximum efficiency
  • anodized drill tips for easy identification
  • guaranteed corrosion-free
  • non-reflective surface for high visibility
  • simplified drill markings match each implant length
  • compatible with Tapered Internal, Plus, 3.0, Tissue Level and Laser-Lok 3.0
  • creates 12-20 osteotomies depending on bone density
  • recommended drill speed 1,500-2,000 rpm (2.0 & 2.5mm), 1,000 rpm (all others)


TP3105L Laser-Lok 3.0 Implant, 10.5mm
TP312L Laser-Lok 3.0 Implant, 12mm
TP315L Laser-Lok 3.0 Implant, 15mm


Laser-Lok collar with Resorbable Blast Texturing (RBT) on implant body.
Packaged with Cover Cap (TP3CC). Titanium Alloy (Ti-6AL-4V).




Cover cap

TP3CC Cover Cap
Use during submerged surgical healing. May use as a 1mm Healing Abutment.
Hand-tighten with the .050" (1.25mm) Hex Driver. Titanium Alloy.
A Cover Cap is included with each implant but may also be ordered separately.

Laser-Lok 3.0 Surgical Kit

Laser-Lok 3.0 Surgical Kit (complete)
Includes all instruments.

Laser-Lok 3.0 Surgical Tray with Lid
Without instruments.

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