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Temporary Abutments

PEEK Temporary Abutments (Regular Emergence)

Use for fabrication of cement- or screw-retained provisional restorations (up to 30 days).
A direct coping screw (PXDCS, purchased separately) may be used to maintain screw access hole during fabrication of screw-retained provisional prostheses. Packaged with anabutment screw (PXAS). PEEK (PolyEtherEtherKetone) material. Final torque: 30Ncm.




TP3TA 3.0mm platform
PYRTA 3.5mm platform
PGRTA 4.5mm platform
PBRTA 5.7mm platform

Two-piece Custom Temporary Abutments

Use to create an immediate temporary abutment for sculpting the soft tissue.


Two-piece Custom Temporary Abutments are offered with Laser-Lok microchannels on the collar to inhibit epithelial downgrowth and
establish a biologic soft tissue seal around the abutment. When a Laser-Lok component is used and temporarily removed for impression
making or other restorative procedures, keep the removed Laser-Lok component in sterile saline until reinserting into the site. Use included
PEEK sleeve to support a temporary prosthesis. Final torque: 30Ncm.

  Laser-Lok standard
1mm collar 3mm collar 1mm collar 3mm collar
3.0mm platform TP3CTA1L TP3CTA3L TP3CTA1 TP3CTA3
3.5mm platform PYCTA1L PYCTA3L PYCTA1 PYCTA3
4.5mm platform PGCTA1L PGCTA3L PGCTA1 PGCTA3

Titanium Temporary Abutments

Use hexed for single-unit, screw-retained, long term temporary restorations (>30 days).
Use non-hexed for multiple-unit, screw-retained, long term temporary restorations (>30 days).
Packaged with an abutment screw (PXAS).Titanium Alloy. Final torque: 30Ncm.




TP3TTH 3.0mm platform, hexed TP3TTN 3.0mm platform, non-hexed
PYTTH 3.5mm platform, hexed PYTTN 3.5mm platform, non-hexed
PGTTH 4.5mm platform, hexed PGTTN 4.5mm platform, non-hexed
PBTTH 5.7mm platform, hexed PBTTN 5.7mm platform, non-hexed
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